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About the server

Game version: 1.12.1

Server Information:

  • Server type: Blizzlike
  • Server Uptime: 99.9%
  • XP Rate: x1
  • Drop Rate: x1
  • Start Level: 1
  • Max Level: 60
  • Fixed Spells: 100%
  • Fixed Dungeons: 100%
  • Fixed Instances: 100%

How to connect

Realmlist/Realmlist: TDSGAMING.NETWORK

Create Account

First of all, you must create an account..

Download the game

Install World of Warcraft. You can find old World of Warcraft versions to download from wowdl.net Make sure to download version 1.12.1

Setup the game

Open up the "World of Warcraft" directory. The default directory is "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft". When you've found it, open up the file called "realmlist.wtf".

Change server address

Erase all text after "set realmlist" and change it to: TDSGAMING.NETWORK


Create a new game account.


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